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Porto Alegre is the capital of the south Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. The Renaissance-style Metropolitan Cathedral, with religious murals on the outside, is on the main square, Prada Marechal Deodoro. The neoclassical Palace of Piratini houses the government of the state. The São Pedro Theater from the 19th century is close by. The town is regarded as the gateway to Aparados da Serra N's tall canyons

The Porto Alegre International Airport receives direct flights from Buenos Aires, Miami, Lima, Lisbon, Montevideo and Panama City as well as from several destinations in Brazil. Porto Alegre is the birthplace of great writers, philosophers, musicians, politicians and episodes which have marked Brazil's history. In 1963 the city became recognized worldwide by hosting the World University Games.

The downtown area has benefited from a careful development strategy including building transit hubs and retaining much of its grand, neoclassical architecture. A long radical political history has helped foster lively arts and alternative music scenes.

Porto Alegre is an amazing city that is multicultural. The name of the city translates from Portuguese as 'good harbor' and there is no lack of foreign presence coming into the port every day as the largest city.

An Indian restaurant serving truthful dishes to their home country, Sharin offers the most effective of Asian cuisine within the subcontinent's traditional surroundings. Porto Alegre's main restaurant for over a decade now, many of the specialty dishes on its menu are cooked in their own tandoor oven adding total authenticity to every meal.

The best beach in Brazil is not in Rio de Janeiro or the sun-drenched northeast. Except on the coast it is not. It is on a river in the middle of the rainforest of the Amazons. Around 30 km from Santarem's rainforest area, Alter do Chao is the response to the Caribbean by the jungle. Alter do Chao is the ideal place to relax after a week holed up in the jungle: you can lounge in the morning on the river beaches,

Porto Alegre, a Portuguese translation of 'Joyful Harbor' is the capital of Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul. The town's clubs, restaurants, and bars are flexible with the wide variety of services they offer. From typical bars to night-clubs, you have everything.

This place is one of Porto Alegre's most popular places for dancing. The restaurant / bar, though reflecting a new society, restores Porto Alegre's cultural heritage in its songs. The place comes alive in the evening where Brazil's liveliest parties are held. This is the ideal place for friends. Dirty Old Man is in the lower town, one of the unique pubs in the entire city of Porto Alegre.

The easiest way to park your rental car in Porto Alegre is via a garage. There could be the possibility to park your rental car in the outskirts of Porto Alegre and drive around by public transport which is not too expensive and will compensate for the parking fee that you will have to pay if you park in the city center.

Please note that restrictions can apply if you want to travel across country or State borders. These cross-border charges can apply at the rental office. you must not drive your rental car in prohibited places, or drive on ice, unbridged rivers and lakes, foreshores and other off-road terrain. Please ask the closest car hire company for any restrictions.

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